Friday, 3 February 2012

More events!

Hot off the press, two new events confirmed for Jesse to be performing at, the nitty gritty details can be found here on Jesse's site:

The next event, The Speakeasy at Ye Olde Farmhouse, is something a little special as I will also be performing two short stories, something that I've never done before so that will be lovely - but of course Jesse will have most of the limelight out of us. There will be an eclectic mix of other spoken word as well so it should be quite an exciting event.

Jesse will also be performing on the 20th March at the next Bath Storytelling Circle in The Raven pub so do check that out.

Project wise I've now fixed the technical glitch that I was having between Mac and camera so this weekend will be full of editing, which will be nice. I plan to have a 'bloopers' test video on the website at some point next week, as well as a few photos as last. I don't own a digital camera, I rely on disposables, so it's a lengthly process to use them all wisely and then have them developed. It's worth it though so it's all exciting and things are underway!

Relevant Twitter accounts: @jammysally, @poppetpup, @Farmhouse_Bath, @theravenofbath, @BathLitFest

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