Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some Promotion

Things have been ticking over quite nicely over the last week, I've been out taking location photos as well getting a lot of things sorted for Jesse's website (soon to be unveiled).

Jesse himself as also been quite busy, his performance last week at The Bell was a total and roaring success! The short set was comedic and humbling with an imaginary gun fight the likes you've only seen in Spaced.

Jesse will be performing TONIGHT at The Hip Yak Poetry Shack.

This event is mostly the bigger players in the local poetry world but Jesse has been able to secure himself a slot for one or two poems.

The night is being held at The Porter Cellar Bar, doors 7.30
Entry £5

He may also be at The Bell again tomorrow night, he hasn't confirmed that with me yet, but go along anyway - it's a fantastic night!

Hope ya'll enjoy yourselves now.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What happens next?

I've had a massive productive boost over the last few days and I've secured a camera to play around with over the next couple of months as well as gathering filming locations and updating my physical portfolio, winning all round really.

So what's next for the project?

First of all I'm going to be working quite hard on getting my portfolio up-to-date and figuring out locations/perhaps some sort of story that's befitting for the poem.
I will also be working on the website for Jesse so he has somewhere sleek to upload be work to as well as a place for people to visit once they have seen the advert, or seen Jesse at the Bath Literature Festival (2nd March in and around Bath for those of you who don't know. See the programme here.).

I also have a couple of deadlines for the Voices of Bath troupe to complete by March so I will be, slowly but surely, working on those as well.

If any of you want to see Jesse in action this week he'll be performing at the Open Mic night at The Bell from 9pm Thursday.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

It's getting there...

Yikes. I really should be updating this more often and so if there is anyone out there that reads this regularly, I'm sorry!

So we've now had Christmas and I've busted out a couple more deadlines so for the next weeks I'll be full of dissertation dedication. I'm hopefully going to start filming in the next few weeks - just some rough cuts to play around with the equipment and the like.

I got my mark back yesterday for my dissertation project proposal. Nailed it with a 68 and I think that it's a document that will really help me keep on track better (now that I know it's a worthwhile piece of work!) and keep at it. I'm going to be talking to The Little Theatre on Monday as well as looking into sponsorship from the University if I need it, but that depends on what The Little Theatre says. So this weekend is going to be catching up on my portfolio and then moving on to looking into how to make a successful Wordpress website for Jesse.

I think that's everything, it's been a quiet time on the Project front, but don't fear! I'll get there.