Friday, 16 December 2011

Progress is being made at last!

Since my last post I've actually been quite busy on this project which, I'm not going to lie, is nice and a little but novel!

Firstly I've been working on my physical portfolio - it's a sketchbook where I'm printing and mounting every aspect of the project to keep a more in-depth track of what's going on with everything and so that my marking tutor has something to look through when assessing my Reflective Essay. Doing this has actually been quite therapeutic for me as the layout is much like my old Graphic Design folders from A-Level, so that's lovely and a time consuming process that I'm really enjoying.

I've had a couple of Uni deadlines over the last couple of weeks - mainly my project brief for The Little Poetry Project. I had to write 2000 words explaining the project, any issues that may arise from it and how I would solve them as well as a discussion about the forms of assessment for the final product. Exciting but stressful times. the other deadline was more another module - Shakespeare, and was nothing short of a nightmare! but they are out the way.

As this project is involved with Voices of Bath 2012 I also have to meet their deadlines as well as my own and for this week I had to do a Showcase - a new form of presentation to me! It was basically a 5 minute talk where I stood infront of the organisers of The Bath LitFest and explained my project to them. It all seems like quite the blur now but I was very, very nervous. The fact that I've found my poet[Jesse Perrett] is immensely useful, as I'm sure you can imagine, because it allowed me to give a flavour of his work to the organisers without disclosing which poem of his I'd be using. I'll post some of his stuff in the near future, I need to ask him permission before doing so as it's not my work!

Speaking of Jesse, I am writing this blog right after meeting with him to discuss ideas for the film. I want him to be involved in this so that I don't destroy his work through terrible visual interpretation. So far, so good. We sat down in a lovely little café in town and just discussed different visual ideas for a couple of his poems and certain locations that could be used for filming in and around Bath, with a few places in Bristol. This means that I now need to research filming permissions with Bristol Council (which I've already done with Bath council) as well work on getting the equipment and talking to the manager of The Little Theatre about getting the advert screened. I'm now finally positive about this project again as after my panic I began to waver and lose faith - but no more! Jesse's ideas for locations were really helpful as he's a poet who has lived in Bath most of his live, giving him the local knowledge of the best places to film and perhaps even some locations that have him the inspiration for his poems.

In my proposal I likened this film to be like a music video with conceptual shots mixed with performance shots, some form the Bath LitFest itself, however this then got me thinking about how poetry has been interpreted into film, such as 'A Song of Lunch' and the recent blockbuster 'Howl' about the obscenity trial that surrounded Allan Ginsburg's beat poem in 1957. The interpretations in the film of the poem itself are beautiful animations that capture the images of the poem perfectly. There are also back and white shots of James Franco (Ginsberg) preforming the poem in 1955 as a part of the San Francisco Renaissance (a group of writers to include Jack Kerouac and William Everson. Below is the trailer for the film and a short clip of the opening section of the poem. It's the combination of the different uses of film that have interested me the most and have lead me to the idea of using lots of different images such as stock images and films, shots of Jesse performing and perhaps some animation.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Things are moving quite slowly...

Unfortunately, I have been slow with this project, after my little wobble I lost a lot of confidence in what I was doing and I wasn't sure where to begin again. However, I do now think that I have found my poet, and hopefully my poem, that I'm going to use for this project.

The poet is called Jesse Perrett and he's a lovely person. His work is cutting and witty and as he has grown up in and around Bath, giving his poems a sense of the local about them - which is perfect for this project as it ties in nicely with Voices of Bath - local voices from local people - and will give everyone something to relate to. 

The poem I think that will be using of his is 'After the Bombs Fall (The Dead Poets are Dreaming)' as it's descriptive and gives a lot of room for interpretation, which I'm very excited about. I just need to knuckle down and get on with it now.

I'm also very close to handing in my proposal - I got the draft back the other day and I've been working through that so once that's in and I've got my other pre-christmas deadline finished I can begin looking into contacting The Little Theatre about the screening and working out if I need any fundraising to be done!

I'm also meeting with Voices of Bath next week along with David Metcalfe who runs the monthly Storytelling night at The Raven, Bath, to 'showcase' my idea so that he can get an idea of what will be happening on the opening night of the Bath Literature Festival. I'm a little bit nervous so we shall see how that goes - I hope to work more on my portfolio before then but I have a big deadline for the 13th and I'll get jetting off to Paris for a couple of days with the University so I'm not sure how that will go in the end!

I think that's about it for now, as I said it's all going a bit slowly but if I don't keep posting then I'll never know where I am!